Letter: How do delegates stand on Trump?

We are once again being treated to a Kabuki theater production by President Trump's jackboot army in Portland

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We are once again being treated to a Kabuki theater production by President Trump's jackboot army in Portland. They're turning a BLM protest into a riot to make us think that Portland and all the other Democrat-led cities are in mortal danger of burning down, and the only person in the whole world that can save them is Donald J. Trump.

Obviously, as we've seen on videos over the last couple of days, Trump and his minions don't care about the people's constitutional rights or Oregon's state rights; but where does our Washington delegation stand on this? The president has seen fit to send his stormtroopers all across the country to put out a dumpster fire. It makes me wonder what the death toll and the economy would be if he'd shown as much vigor combating the coronavirus?

There are other issues too. What does our delegation think about the president's refusal to acknowledge Putin's bounty payments to the Taliban for killing U.S. troops? Or the trade war with China? How about the breaking up of families of asylum seekers on our southern border? I could go on and on, but just one more:

Do they support the frankly incompetent response to the global pandemic?

Over the many decades, we've grown to expect that our country would be leading the world in the suppression of this horrible disease. Instead, we can no longer travel to Europe, the Bahamas, or even Canada, because, shamefully, we are a clear and present danger to the rest of the world. What do our guys feel about this?

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I don't think our Washington representation should get a free pass on these concerns just because they're Republicans. They are sent to Washington to serve all of us and we deserve to know if they're Trump sycophants or if they are capable of thinking for themselves.

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