Brad Seng dominates 25-lap NLRA feature at River Cities Speedway

He did so again Friday night at River Cities Speedway. But his familiar blue-and-white No. 12 late model was f

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He did so again Friday night at River Cities Speedway. But his familiar blue-and-white No. 12 late model was fast early in the race, in the middle of the race and at the end.

Seng dominated the 25-lap NLRA feature at The Bullring, where he started fifth and drove away from the field after taking the lead with 18 laps to go. It was his 39th career NLRA win.

Also, it was the third NLRA tour race of the season, and Seng has won twice.

There were 27 late models on hand for the tour race, including a few Minnesota travelers.

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Seng passed Bryce Sward out of Turn 2 with 18 laps to go. From there, he drove away from the field, finishing 3.179 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Dave Mass.

“The car kind of came alive,” said Seng. “I like to set up the car for the end of the feature instead of the beginning. We went five extra laps, which might have fallen into my favor.

“But hats off to the track crew at River Cities. It was a nice, smooth track.”

It was a larger-than-usual late model field at RCS as the NLRA is racing three-straight nights this week. Dustin Strand won Thursday night’s NLRA feature at the Norman County Raceway in Ada, Minn.

The tour wraps up Saturday, Aug 1, at the Devils Lake Speedway.

“This field only makes you faster,” said Seng. “You have to be on your toes. I think we all make each other faster.”

The 25-lap feature wasn’t hindered by caution flags. And that meant there was considerable lapped traffic. Seng entered lapped traffic with roughly 15 laps to go but maneuvered through it without much difficulty.

“The car was really pretty easy to drive,” said Seng. “I think anybody could have driven it tonight.”

Seng’s fastest time was 13.980 seconds on Lap 6. That’s when he made his charge to the front and passed Sward.

No other driver turned in a lap under 14 seconds.

Brady Troftgruben finished third, followed by Sward and Strand, who charged his way from the 14th starting position

Nate Reynolds won the 18-lap Midwest modifieds feature. He started on the front row but had to hold off Lance Schill, who has become the dominant driver in the class.

Reynolds beat Schill to the flag stand by 1.311 seconds .Nate Raasakka finished third, followed by Reise Stenberg and Randy Thompson.

“I knew (Schill) was back there,” said Reynolds in Victory Lane. “I just had to keep hitting my lines.”

James Meagher won the streets feature. He started on the front row and held off Seth Klostreich by 0.943 seconds. Trey Hess finished third, followed by Greg Jose and Doug VanMill.

Lightning sprints and non-wing sprints filled in for the NOSA sprints, which raced in Mandan, N.D., on Friday night as part of the two-day Governor’s Cup weekend at the Dacotah Speedway where Jordan Adams won the feature.

Dexter Dvergsten won the lightning sprints feature, edging Kelsi Pederson.

Rob Caho Jr. of Rush City, Minn., ran away from the field in the wingless sprints feature. He finished with a 3.837-second advantage on second-place finisher Brandon Palm.


River Cities Speedway

Friday’s results


First heat -- 1. Ryan Johnson; 2. James Meagher; 3. Joe Potter

Second heat --1. Tucker Pederson; 2. Seth Klostreich; 3. Doug VanMill

Feature -- 1. Meagher; 2. Klostreich; 3. Trey Hess; 4. Greg Jose; 5. VanMill

Lightning sprints

First heat -- 1. Dexter Dvergsten; 2. Kelsi Pederson; 3. Alan Truscinski

Second heat -- 1. Cody Swenson; 2. Bryce Haugeberg; 3. Lawrence Veralrud

Feature -- 1. Dvergsten; 2. Pederson; 3. Alex Truscinski; 4. Swenson; 5. Alan Truscinski

Midwest modifieds

First heat -- 1. Terry Nelson; 2. Randy Thompson; 3. Nate Raasakka

Second heat -- 1. Lance Schill; 2. Matt Schow; 3. Nate Reynolds

Feature -- 1. Reynolds; 2. Schill; 3. Raasakka; 4. Reise Stenberg; 5. Thompson

Non-wing sprints

First heat -- 1. Brody Hutton; 2. Jack Berger; 3. Brandon Palm

Second heat -- 1. Rob Caho Jr.; 2. Ken Hron; 3. Josh Braford

Feature -- 1. Caho; 2. Palm; 3. Hron; 4. Hutton; 5. Caley Emerson

Late models

First heat -- 1. Lance Schill; 2. Shawn Meyer; 3. Dave Mass

Second heat -- 1. Brad Seng; 2. Joey Pederson; 3. Troy Schill

Third heat -- 1. Zach Naastad; 2. Bryce Sward; 3. Steffen Snare

B main -- 1. Steve Anderson; 2. Dustin Hapka; 3. Ryan Corbett

Feature -- 1. Seng; 2. Dave Mass; 3. Brady Troftgruben; 4. Sward; 5. Dustin Strand

NOSA sprints

Friday, in Mandan, N.D.

Feature -- 1. Jordan Adams; 2. Zach Omdahl; 3. Bob Martin; 4. Tim Estenson; 5. Jack Croaker
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