FARGO — Sanford Health is being recognized nationally for its support of employees involved in the military with the 2020 Freedom Award.

The Freedom Award is given by the U.S. Department of Defense for providing exceptional support to workers in the National Guard and Reserve. Sanford is one of 15 recipients of the Freedom Award out of more than 2,600 nominations.

Sanford Health has an entire department dedicated to improving how it handles health care for veterans and how it supports military members.

Sanford also has a Veteran of the Year award, and 2018 winner Brad Reed said this award means they’ll work even harder to continue to provide support to their military staff.

“It shows that with the dedication we are giving to the veterans and the continued care that we’re going to give them — not only as patients but as employees — we’re going to continue to even strive harder for that,” Reed said.