Letter: Mark spot for Thurber in “potter’s field”

It is gratifying to see, at long last, a memorial erected to acknowledge the terrible historical event which was Charles Thurber’s lynching.

However, Thurber’s actual grave is still unmarked in the old “potter’s field” section of Memorial Park Cemetery. Though the precise location is not known, some kind of marker could certainly be erected in the approximate location so it could no longer be said this man, murdered by a lawless mob, is still buried in an unmarked grave.

True, there are other unmarked graves of the poor who were buried in that same potter’s field.

But if some names and dates can be determined from old records, then why not erect something which would include as many as possible of the poor, the hurriedly interned in times of epidemics, all the wayfaring strangers who passed away far from family, in short all those individuals who lay near Charles Thurber in unmarked graves?

This would be a good, inclusive, and positive act. At long last, let this old, lonely grave have a marker…and take care of those other graves, too.