Letter: Do the right thing: Wear a face mask

Masks aren’t political statements, and they’re being used to draw dividing lines.

I implore politicians to put aside their party affiliations (and stop caving into the fear of opposing their party) and do the right thing for their communities, constituents and societal health.The excuse that mask mandates are hard to enforce is hollow at best and politically motivated at worst.

This isn’t about my rights in opposition to your rights, or my freedom of speech in opposition to your freedom of speech. This is about being one society for the benefit of that society.

This virus isn’t a myth and it isn’t a conspiracy theory. The virus is here and now and affecting millions.

As a corollary, the stores are marking their doors “exit” and “enter” and their floors for a reason – please follow the directions being given, for the health of us all.

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Please put aside the preconceived ideas about masks and the virus and do the right thing.